Digital Citizenship

Today's youth face unique challenges with digital media that impact their daily lives and communities. Now, educators must help equip them with the ability to navigate these challenges in online spaces.

In this eight-episode Digital Citizenship series, we explore the titular concept, digital citizenship, which can be boiled down to a simple concept: Safely navigating the digital world, ensuring that everyone’s rights are respected and that we fulfill our responsibilities. Throughout this series, we discuss important aspects of digital citizenship and lessons that are essential to transporting civic education into the digital world. 

This series was made possible by the support of T-Mobile.

Each episode below contains a video, quiz, and script. 60-Second Civics makes a great warmup activity for your classroom.

Here is an easy and fun way to get your students started each morning:

  1. Select an episode from the list below each day for one week.
  2. Play the video for your class by projecting it on the board.
  3. Ask students to answer the Daily Civics question as a class.
  4. Debrief the activity by asking students why the correct answer is true.

What is Digital Citizenship? Digital Citizenship, Part 1

Today’s young people face a few unique challenges interacting with digital media. Our new series on Digital Citizenship is here to help navigate those challenges. In our first episode, we start by explaining what Digital Citizenship entails.

Doing the Right Thing Online: Digital Citizenship, Part 2

A big part of digital citizenship is doing the right thing online; that is, respecting yourself and everyone else you interact with. Learn how to do this in this episode!

All About the Benjamins: Digital Citizenship, Part 3

Smartphones and other digital devices make it easy to buy things quickly, but it’s important to protect yourself when shopping online. Learn strategies for smart and safe online shopping in this episode!

Full Participation and Equal Access to Technology: Digital Citizenship, Part 4

What does it mean to participate fully in digital civic life? One factor to consider is whether all Americans have equal access to digital technology. But what barriers exist to accessing and fully participating as a digital citizen? Listen to learn more!

Responsibility: Digital Citizenship, Part 5

An important part of digital citizenship is taking responsibility for your actions on digital platforms. Part of this is knowing when to engage and when to pull back. In this episode, we share some simple tips for acting with responsibility online!

Privacy: Digital Citizenship, Part 6

When you use social media networks and digital technology, a great deal of your personal information is collected by the companies that run these services. You have a right to privacy, but it's also up to you to take positive steps to protect yourself. Learn how to better protect yourself in this episode!

Staying Safe: Digital Citizenship, Part 7

The Internet and social media can be great places to spend your time, but they also present certain dangers, especially for young people. It’s up to you to be aware of your own personal safety online, but there are a few commonsense recommendations that can help. Listen to this episode for these tips!

Security: Digital Citizenship, Part 8

The online world is unfortunately full of people who would love to compromise your device and use it for their own purposes. So what can you do to stay secure online? Learn some simple tips in this episode!

Digital Citizenship Playlist

We hope you've enjoyed the Digital Citizenship series from 60-Second Civics. Feel free to check out our YouTube playlist for a playable list of all episodes in the series.


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