Active Citizenship

The Framers of the U.S. Constitution believed that citizens were expected to be well informed and promote the common good. They recognized that only the people themselves could truly guarantee the success or failure of the American system of representative government. That is why active citizenship is so incredibly important.

Active citizenship means getting involved in the life of your community and nation so that you can help determine the country's future. One irony of our hyperconnected digital age is that people can feel isolated, but there are many ways to get involved.

Throughout this short series, we explore how you can become a more active citizen in your community and promote ideals that support and strengthen our democracy.

This series was made possible by the support of T-Mobile.

Each episode below contains a video, quiz, and script. 60-Second Civics makes a great warmup activity for your classroom.

Here is an easy and fun way to get your students started each morning:

  1. Select an episode from the list below each day for one week.
  2. Play the video for your class by projecting it on the board.
  3. Ask students to answer the Daily Civics question as a class.
  4. Debrief the activity by asking students why the correct answer is true.

Being an Informed Citizen: Active Citizenship, Part 1

Most American citizens 18 years of age and older have the right to vote and choose our representatives who make our laws. But, what is essential about that right is your obligation to cast an informed and responsible vote. Everyone can play an important role in promoting more informed and responsible choices in our communities. Listen to this podcast to learn how!

Being an Active Citizen: Active Citizenship, Part 2

Active citizenship means getting involved in the life of your community and nation so that you can help determine the country's future. But how do you find a community to do this? Find out more in this episode!

Political Participation: Active Citizenship, Part 3

Elections have consequences. If you want a say in the political future of our nation, it is up to you to get involved. Luckily, there are many ways to accomplish this. Listen to learn how!

Serving Your Country: Active Citizenship, Part 4

When you serve your country, you are promoting the common good; that is, the good of everyone in the United States. There are several ways to serve your country. Listen to learn a few!

Challenging the System: Active Citizenship, Part 5

The American system of government is built on popular sovereignty. However, there have been times in our nation's history when the government did not pursue the common good. Part of being an active citizen is knowing when and how to challenge the system. Here are some principles that can help you.

Active Citizenship Playlist

We hope you've enjoyed the Active Citizenship series from 60-Second Civics. Feel free to check out our YouTube playlist for a playable list of all episodes in the series.


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