Charles N. Quigley, Senior Consultant and Founding Executive Director Emeritus

Charles N. Quigley is broadly recognized as one of the most prominent curriculum, framework, and program developers in the field of civic education. Prior to the founding of the Law in a Free Society Project of the State Bar of California in 1970, Quigley was executive director of the Committee on Civic Education, an interdisciplinary faculty committee at the University of California, Los Angeles founded in 1965. He is also the author and editor of many textbooks, curricular materials, and articles on civic education. Quigley is the principal creator of We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, Project Citizen, the CIVITAS Model Civic Education Curriculum Framework Project; the National Standards for Civics and Government; and the Civitas International Programs. Quigley has served as a senior consultant and organizer for numerous civic education reform efforts, including two White House conferences, four Congressional Conferences on Civic Education, and the National Commission on Civic Renewal. He was selected by the secretary of education to be the principal respondent to the NAEP Civics report in 1999. In May 2011 he and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor were selected by NAEP to respond to the release of the 2010 NAEP Civics Report.


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