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Terms to Know
values Things that are important to a person.
leader A person who people listen to and follow.
compassion Sensitivity to the needs of others.

taxes Money that people and businesses pay to the government. This money pays for things the government does, like build roads and operate schools.

Great Communicator Ronald Reagan was called the “Great Communicator” because of his ability to reach the people with his powerful words. He had a talent for making inspiring speeches. He spoke clearly and directly. Ronald Reagan was good at explaining his ideas.

In the 1950s, Ronald Reagan turned to television. He also became intensely interested in politics. He accepted many invitations to make speeches about political issues and policies.

Ronald Reagan was asked to become the host of a television show called General Electric Theater. He toured the country visiting General Electric factories and making speeches. He told people that he thought the government had become too big. Taxes were too high, he said.

He was afraid that high taxes and big government were taking away people’s freedom.

Ronald Reagan’s ideas inspired many people. He became known as the Great Communicator because of the power of his speeches. People across the country got to know him. He was on the road to the presidency.




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