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Ronald Reagan believed that government was too big and too powerful. He thought that businesses would work better if the government had less control over their decisions. He also thought that lower taxes would help businesses grow. He argued that this would create more jobs and more wealth for Americans.

Ronald Reagan believed strongly in freedom. He wanted people to make their own choices about what is or is not good for them. Ronald Reagan believed that if the government had too much power, the people would lose their freedom. In 1964, he gave a speech called “A Time for Choosing.” In this speech, he criticized the growing size of government. He also said that communism should be opposed more strongly than it had been. He would pursue these same themes throughout his career.

national attention

How did Ronald Reagan gain the support of the American public and attract national attention?

Republicans were happy about the speech. They had discovered an exciting new leader.

The people of California elected Ronald Reagan governor in 1966. They elected him again in 1970. While governor, he became popular among Republicans in every part of America.

In 1976 he challenged President Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination for president. He did not win the nomination, but he became a leader within the Republican Party.

Ronald Reagan decided to pursue the presidency again in 1980. He won the Republican nomination for president and went on to defeat President Jimmy Carter in the election.

He was sworn in as the fortieth president of the United States on January 20, 1981, at the age of sixty-nine.




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